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Most of us went to massage school to learn wellness: how to maintain our own health, help others with theirs and make a good living in the process. We preach wellness to our communities to network & attract clients. We don’t want to learn about the dark side: illness, infection, disease.

I work exclusively with seniors in a CCRC (continuing care retirement community). My treatment room is in the wellness clinic and I provide in-room spa therapies for residents in the assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care units. Presently the community is on lock down with no date for reopening to podiatry, dermatology, audiology, beauty/barber or massage services. I don’t fear this virus but intend to arm myself with the facts.

How many of you know the differences between viruses/bacteria, disinfecting/sanitizing, surgical mask/respirator mask, standard precautions/universal precautions? After finishing ‘Preventing Disease Transmission in a Massage Practice’ from Massage Mastery, I urge you all to take it. As I, and my clients, wonder what the future holds, I included a copy of the course certificate in my most recent newsletter. Included in this comprehensive, but simple to understand text are terminology with definitions, professional hygiene, how to prepare & clean your room for reopening, how to disinfect your room between clients and maintaining a safe massage workplace. You can also download printableflyers for proper handwashing, cough etiquette and distancing guidelines for display in your office. You can access this vital information for free and if you choose, pay $39.99 for 8 CE hrs. I get absolutely nothing from promoting this except to spread the word. Eric Brown & Anne Williams created Massage Mastery, are at the top of their game and have partnered with Erik Dalton to issue the test and CE certificate.

As many of you know, I’m somewhat of a germaphobe and have always been very cootie conscious; when you’re in healthcare that’s a good thing. If we are at a restaurant and I pick up the salt & pepper shakers with a napkin, don’t be surprised. All this wiping and cleaning has been a welcome sight for me! As of this writing, the latest stats from the CDC state that 80% of COVID-19 cases are asymptomatic or mild. So yes, I’ll wear a mask. But I won’t allow the fear of this pandemic to ruin the gift of time.