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I joined a pickle ball group in September 2020 to learn the sport. Although not athletic, I can hold my own playing ping pong so I figured I was coordinated enough. And so many benefits: extra cardio, meeting other fitness minded folks, the great outdoors – what could possibly go wrong? There are several parks with courts nearby so I scheduled as many play dates with those in my skill level as possible. Being the weakest link, the group accepted me & hailed my occasional points when I would get lucky & actually score.

January 18, 2021 was a sunny, breezy day & I joined a small group to practice drills. I fell backward on the hard court hitting my head, low back & left wrist. The group surrounded & supported me until I could sit up on my own, very concerned since I hit my head. The x rays at urgent care showed both arm bones fractured at my wrist & a trip to the ER showed a mild concussion. I’m pleased to say that I’m fully recovered and have given up on pickle ball.

My specialty is geriatric massage & spa therapies. Since seniors are more at risk for falls, our fitness specialist puts a great deal of focus into balance exercises. The ankle is one of the most important and overlooked joints. The ankle is also the first line of defense during a fall.

The tibia and fibula are bound together by the interosseous membrane and strong tibiofibular ligaments, creating a bracket shaped socket called the mortise. The talus bone fits snugly into the mortise and is stabilized by two sets of supporting ligaments of the medial and lateral malleoli. Zzzzzzzzzzz….

Ok, ok…Here’s what matters. Important sensory input comes from the feet to the brain. When the joints of the feet get ‘jammed’ (from wearing the wrong shoes, having unstable arches, repetitive stress or injury/trauma) the information flow from our brains to our bodies gets jammed. Until we unjam these joints and free up that highway we can be stuck with poor movement that can lead to pain, injury and less than optimal performance.

Here’s a simple way to maintain ankle flexibility. While sitting or reclining, draw the alphabet A to Z with each foot, then repeat. This act of self-care is very easy to teach to your clients as well.

Autumn is my favorite season, as I smell that first blast of cool air after the oppressive heat. Be extra cautious doing those fall chores like raking/blowing leaves, getting seasonal decorations out of the attic, cleaning gutters, etc. Now enjoy the glorious fall without having a fall!

Happy Fall,



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